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Kayak Fishing Meets and
Tournaments 2014

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Kayak Fishing Meets and Tournaments 2014


The Big Ones

Hobie Fishing Worlds 2014 - 5-11 October, Holland

Kent Cod meet 7th-9th November 2014

Poole Harbour Flounder meet Sunday 7th December 2014

Join in

Don't be afraid to come along to the meets, the AnglersAfloat members and kayak fishermen in general are a friendly bunch, happy to chat and exchange ideas.

Bring a tent, most of the events run for more than one day, even when there is only one official date, people like to make a weekend of it and stay for a couple of days more.

Join the AnglersAfloat forum to keep upto date with these and other more localised meets throughout the British Isles.

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